Birthday And GTA San Andreas (1st July 2005)

My family (mum, dad and sister) went to a restaurant for a meal and that’s where I opened my cards and presents. My sister gave me Nirvana’s Unplugged In New York album which I have wanted to get for many years. My parents gave me GTA San Andreas for the PC and after three days of playing it seems like a brilliant addition to the series.

Unfortunately, GTA San Andreas does not run at all well on this PC. Evan at 800×600×16 resolution and Low detail it struggles and the sound often stops plays. There are various threads offering possible fixes and I’ve tried a couple with only a little sucess. It’s just staggering that Rockstar, who are supposed to be one of the world’s greatest games developers (thanks to them developing GTA) cannot make games which work correctly. GTA 3 and GTA Vice City also had serious problems and Rockstar had to release a patch for them soon after their release.