CFG Studio (20th June 2005)

I have been working on a new program which can edit handling data from GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. The program can already open these files, automatically detect which edition of GTA the file is for, read all the data lines regardless of the vehicle names used or the order of the lines, read all the special data regardless of the order it is given in and organise it into grids. It then lets the user edit this data like a spreadsheet and save it back to the file.

Several people have been testing the program in different editions of the game and have had no problems at all. I have taken great care to make sure the files CFG Studio generates meet the format GTA requires. You can take part in testing by visiting the CFG Studio development thread on GTAForums. You can downloading the latest pre-release version from my developments folder - the file will be called something like cfgstudio(0-0-0038).rar. If it has a bigger number at the end that means it is a newer version, so check back from time to time.