MultiSlayer v4.5 Progress for GTA 2 (26th May 2005)

When I released v4.2 early this year I thought that was the end of it. But since the creation of GTA 2 Game Hunter by Sektor I have once again teamed up with the very best online players to take this project to a whole new level. I am working with Illspirit to create a neat image for people to print out and use as a map in the same sort of way as the original GTA cities have done throughout the series.

I do not intend to release this version until June 2005 because I want to make sure that absolutely every bug and innaccuracy is gone. This will hopefully be my most professional modification yet. I started it way back in July 2003 but from the brilliant gameplay it offers and the resounding compliments I keep receiving from the people who test it, I really think it has been time well spent.