UK General Election 2005 (6th May 2005)

For some more details about this set of countries, you could check my Misc - UK Information page and find other sites on this subject from the Links - Factual page. I voted for the Liberal Democrats because after watching how all the parties have operated in the House of Commons on BBC Parliament over the past couple of years, they have provided the most sensible opposition to Labour. They were clearly not going to become the government in this election (our voting is not proportional and is based on the change in votes rather than the votes themselves) so I voted to make them a stronger opposition.

There have been a few Liberal Democrat governments here in the past which have made some great changes to our country, so they are by no means an unrealistic party. Indeed, their performance in local seats has shown they have both the intellect to discuss government plans sensibly but also have the practicality for dealing with the nuts and bolts of real communities.