Felicity Small (5th April 2005)

When I was taking A2 Level Computing at Farnborough 6th Form College I was in the same class as her, although I don’t think we ever actually spoke. Anyway, I met her again on the two-week training course back in November 2004, where I started dating Emma. We kept in contact via e-mail in the months from then until now and on 2005-04-04 I went round her house in the afternoon, staying overnight and leaving the next afternoon (today).

Felicity is almost exactly the same age as me since our date of birth is 1985-06-27, which makes us both 19 at the time of writing this. Felicity is very concientious and articulate, so I hope she will become a great friend. I also hope that she won’t get too creeped out by me writing about her on my website.