Header and Footer Update (16th March 2005)

The search area in the header was taking up far too much space for my liking so I sliced off the radio buttons which allowed you to search The Web or Project Cerbera and replaced them with a Google caption.

For the footer, I have changed the names of the links and re-written the title text to be less technical when you hover the mouse over them. A link to a neat validator service for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and USA Section 508 legislative conformance to compliment the links for file format validations. At the time of writing, I am passing all A and AA standards as well as some AAA standards for WCAG, plus I am getting good conformance for the Section 508 stuff, too.

I have changed the normal and visited link colours to be less severe. The hover style now just applies a faint background colour to the link so that you can still see if it is a normal or visited link. This also means that if you click on a normal link it will immediately change colour to the visited style. Images use the same colours as their border, with the hover style using a medium grey border.

(EDIT: These links have been removed because due to the logistical nightmare applying them to all pages fully was becoming.)