GTA 2 Scripting Guide Uploaded (31st March 2005)

Pyro’s outstanding guide to many aspects of writing mission code for GTA 2 is now available online in 16 articles via my Tutorials. He sent me the guide as a 165kB formatted HTML document which I stripped down to an 80kB unformatted XHTML document. I then split it into sixteen (16) pages so that each deals with a specific aspect of mission scripting.

It includes about sixty (60) images showing the icons and graphics that go with the various weapons, powerups, gangs and so forth. There are likely to be additions and updates to it over the coming months.

If you have written any technical documents for the GTA series which you would like me to re-format into the Project Cerbera style, use my Contact Details to find a way to get them to me. I will only accept high quality work submitted by the original author since it takes a lot of work to re-format technical documents.