GTA 1 Updates (14th March 2005)

Lots of threads get made about “the old days” in GTA playing and modifying. I have realised that since these topics normally last for a good few pages, there must still be plenty of people out there who would be willing to download levels for it and play it. Therefore, I have committed myself to giving all of my GTA 1 levels a complete overhaul before 2006. It is a really big project to promise when I have so many other things going on (see the Blog) but I will only need to do it once.

Besides, now that I am more skilled at programming and have matured more as a person I should be able to make them all really cracking. I probably won’t add any new missions to them but I will get the current ones working perfectly, change all the messages so that they make more sense and fix all the little bugs in the maps. Not sure if I will fill up the empty areas on the maps but I do not really intend to.