Website Updates (14th January 2005)

I finally got around to taking lots of screenshots for some articles in the Tutorials which had been sat in the Works in Progress section for ages. There are only five left in there now but a couple of those need lots of work. I have changed the visual style of tables to use a stronger grey for the title background and the borders. This is to make it appear better on poor monitors, brightly lit environments and other circumstances were the previous subtle contrasts in tone were very hard to see.

I am thinking about splitting the news articles into smaller date ranges because some of these are getting really big. Now that I have quite full computer access and am working so hard on so much, only splitting the updates four times a year may prove inadequate. The alternative is monthly splits but this means twelve columns or rows would have to be made in the Blog and there would be dozens of pages in this section…literally!

Changing this format would also break any links to news articles. I often link to other news articles within my news articles, as well as on the forums, so this would be a real problem.