Banned From GTAForums (Again) (22nd November 2004)

Azkoyen banned me from as a joke. It is not going to be for long because the post where Azkoyen bans me is too sarcastic to be the considered reaction of a responsible administrator of a 50,000-member community. The subsequent replies from other staff members put it beyond doubt that the decision was not made seriously.

This silly prank has seriously disrupted my testing of handling and other vehicle configuration settings in GTA San Andreas via people with the PS-Two hard disk. The work was being undertaken in the topic I made about GTASA handling.cfg Experiments. Without being able to work on this people will find it really difficult to get new cars working as the complicated settings of original GTA San Andreas cars will interfeering with the new model. Unless I can conduct these tests, my GTASA Handling Definition will be incomplete.

In addition to this, I will not be able to work on FunWorld, Myriad Islands, VC-One, Curveshire, my topics in Debates and Discussions nor continue to assist dozens of other modifiers of all skill levels. I will not be able to maintain the five areas I am a leader of either. None of the people I work with and help out will be able to communicate with me any more because the PM system is disabled for banned accounts.

However, I pointed it out to Illspirit and I expect he will now see how reckless all the staff have become.