CSS Update (29th September 2004)

This website uses the <h1> header element for the Project Cerbera title at the top of the page and the <h2> header element for any other type of title. I have removed the 'margin-top' and 'margin-bottom' attributes from these elements so that there is no more additional spacing above and below them. I have also set the <h2> element to use a normal font weight and style but appear in a medium grey.

In the vehicle download sections vertical space is at something of a premium and compressing the space used for headers has helped this. It also means that the fragment links (hotlinks) used to jump directly to a particular point on a page now do not have the old margin space above the title. I am also seeking to remove other whitespace automatically assigned by browsers to elements like links. I may reverse these changes depending on their effect.

I have changed from using percentage units to set font size and now use the em unit and colours are now set using three digits rather than six. I have also made all the style entries more thorough and added entries for elements which did not already have them.