GTA 1 to GTA Vice City (7th August 2004)

Delfi and I chatted about converting a GTA 1 level to the GTA Vice City engine whilst we working on MultiSlayer, which converted GTA 1 textures and the GTA 1 map I made into GTA 2 format which I then manually tweaked in the map editor to sort out little problems.

Delfi has kindly allowed me to have quite a lot of input into this. After a long discussion he agreed that converting the Vice City level from GTA 1 to the GTA Vice City engine would be the best way as the bikini-clad pedstrians, sunny weather, traffic lights and other generic stuff would already be present so saving us a lot of work.

He is also allowed me to choose the name and so far my favourite idea is VC2 as it is easy to type, indicates that GTA Vice City is the engine being used and shows that it will be replaced. It is also very fast to type, so that means people will be more willing to talk about it, I reckon. A different name might be used, this is not set in stone. As of writing this article, the current thread where it is being discussed is this poll topic at GTAForums. We are hoping to be given our own section of the forums, much like the GTA 3 to GTA Vice City conversion has been but the link to that will come in a news article once that has happened.