Massive Site Changes (19th July 2004)

I have re-organised the site a little so that the personal information pages is now in a dedicated folder, with the homepage now being a simple splash screen affair which links through to the news index. The page is less than a kilobyte in size, so hopefully it will encourage people to recommend this site to others because of how speedily it loads and how simple the layout is.

Other changes have been that I have uploaded the masses of updates I made during the time the modem had been confiscated but I was still able to sneak onto the computer. I wrote what these were at the time and thanks to the fragment linking system I introduced, you can link direct to the entry for 2004-05-02. This was when I typed up what I had done.

I re-built Rescaler to look more fancy and work a bit better, I also re-wrote the Suspension Tutorial so that the exact formula Rescaler uses is now public.