Car Pages Upgraded (11th April 2004)

In the modification areas for GTA 3 and Vice, I have now applied the named anchor method so that you can link directly to specific entries on each page. To retrieve a link for the Nismo Skyline GTR for GTA 3, you would go to the GTA 3 section, then click through to the Racing category. Scroll down to the Nismo Skyline GTR and you will see that its name is underlined. By clicking on this, the page will jump directly to this entry on the page and you can copy the URL from the address bar and give it to other people so they can be linked directly to this entry.

I am thinking that this will be very useful as it means websites which want to host files which are hosted here can simply use the link from the name of the car to direct people straight to it.

Additionally, I have re-sized all the images which were larger than the 1024×768 size and made new thumbnails so that the car pages look neater and so the level of detail you get from the pictures is consistent. Unfortunately, I lost the Impreza WRC screenshot for GTA 3 during this process!