Forum Skinning Progress (1st March 2004)

My skins inspired by GrandTheftAuto and the London 1969 add-on have been going very well. I have got some some excellent preliminary results for their efficiency and the more elemental table setup makes the pages generated much more flexible to suit even the most congested of desktop spaces.

I finished the final mechanical revisions today (I hope) so this week I will spend removing all the indentation to reduce filesize. Due to the manner in which Invision pieces together the HTML from templates which are dynamically filled with data via PHP routines, reducing filesize means the pages take less time for the server CPU to process, less time for the end user to download and less time for the browser the end users has to render the page.

Josh (also known as Rufus) has also allowed me free reign on a forum he had set up so that I can make public distributable versions of these two skins.