Testing Revised Interface for News (17th March 2004)

Due to forced absence #3 still being in effect, I have had time to design and develop ideas for making my site more usable. The result of these ideas has been a development on the current multi-page news system where there is a portal from which you can access all the articles, but the articles only have a link to return you back to the portal.

Whilst testing this I have found it easier to use than the drop-down list. By applying it to all areas of the site I will dramatically reduce the amount of information I need to duplicate when I add a new section or add a new set of articles to a section. In the distant future (perhaps 2005) I am considering moving to PHP but for now this new interface idea seems to work pretty well.

If you are registered at GTAForums.com you can voice your thoughts on the new system in this thread.