October 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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New Vehicles! (26th October 2003)

There are a couple of new vehicles in the Classics section of the Vice page. Eddybrown’s economical Mini Cooper and Turpuli’s delightful excessive Pontiac GTO. Also, the In Development area has pretty much every car that is going to be released here. If it is not on that page, then that is because I have struck it off the to-do list.

Vehicle Backlog 3 (21st October 2003)

I have added a bunch of cars to the In Development section of the GTA Vice City page. these are cars which I have confirmed will be released on my site in the coming days/weeks.

FunWorld (21st October 2003)

You may or may not be familiar with the FunWorld project, but it is a theme park being made by the best modders in the scene…and now I am helping them too! I will be doing some general managerial tasks, designing the coastlines and generaly pitching in with everything design-related. A great priviledge to work along side Odie, Steve-M, illspirit and company! c{8¬]

Tropical GTAForums Skin (18th October 2003)

I am putting together a new forum theme for GTAForums with a colourful tribal scheme. I am totally overhauling the Invision format, so there is transparent scrollable cells on fixed background, textured cells, combined toolbar and navbar etc. Josh has kindly allowed me to piece this together on his forums. If you register there (requires a valid e-mail addy) then you can select the skin from the controls. Please bear in mind it is not finished. The layout is what I am concentrating on mainly, so the colours and textures might change. Go and tell me if you like it!

Vehicle Backlog 2 (18th October 2003)

A couple more additions to the list

I will do a mass-PM to these authors soon…at the moment I am doing another project.

GTA 3 Handling Overhaul Revamp (14th October 2003)

I learnt a lot of new techniques doing the overhaul for Vice, particularly ones for vans and trucks, so now I am applying these new techniques to the GTA 3 Handling Overhaul I did all those months ago. Reason for this is as my Curveshire Road Course project is getting close to its first beta release, I figured it should have the very best handling mod to go with it. Curveshire Road Course Topic

Vehicle Backlog 1 (14th October 2003)

Do not worry, just because the site is always sluggish I really AM always working hard! I have got quite a few new vehicles that I have setup but which are still getting their final touches, or I am waiting to get permission from the authors to host here.

These are the cars which are in development but are not on the site yet:

See, told you I was always busy! c{8¬D