September 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Total Handling Overhaul 0.6 Released! (23rd September 2003)

Check the Handling Overhaul section of the GTA Vice City page to download it. Over the coming weeks I will be adding more screenshots and descriptions about it. For detailed information about how I work out handling setups, check the Tutorials page.

Patriot SE (23rd September 2003)

GTAGuy has made a fantastic modification to the well-loved Patriot vehicle from GTA 3 and Vice by making a 6-wheeled version! It is uploaded in the GTA Vice City section with full handling made by me for all the many versions the download contains. Includes both 6x6 and 4x4 versions for GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.

Full-site Style Update (18th September 2003)

I finally got sufficiently fed up with the links being transparent when in tables to do something about it. Realised that because the link CSS entry had the same class name as the BODY for each page, they were inheriting the generic page background colour from that. I have now set this up so that links on each page are using a new class to avoid that conflict. Also means they inherit things like font size and such from whatever text is around them, which is neat!

More Vice Cars (12th September 2003)

Eddybrown ported two of his best cars over to GTA Vice City today and I have set their handling up. they are the funky little Caterham 7 and the gorgeous Lamborgini Miura.

FlagStudio III (12th September 2003)

Yep, the third and most likely final edition of the most informative Vice handling flag editor is now available from the Related section of my GTA Vice City page.

Handling Overhaul Progress (5th September 2003)

I have now got all the exotic cars set up, a couple of executives and a couple of the muscle cars too. Progress will seem slow because there are so many cars to do. The idea is that the Multi Theft Auto team will distribute the handling so that people can have really enjoyable races against each other around the streets of the city. I know I have enjoyed doing it during the beta tests I have been invited to with them!

Computer Failure (5th September 2003)

My computer memory failed and I had to get it replaced. A pair of 256mb chips, thank god it was under warranty still so I did not have to pay! This is the reason why I have not been around the last couple of weeks, but I am back now and it’s all good.