July 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Site Updates (23rd July 2003)

I got an excellent bug report from someone yesterday about stacks of broken links in the GTA 1 area. I am going to totally revise what files are available to download from there now, so they should all be fixed in the next couple of days. I added a simply beautiful vehicle to the Vice City Classics section – a 1967 Corvette. Just fantastic to look at and I made the handling just as exhilarating!

Vice Additions (14th July 2003)

I am working as fast as I can to add more Vice cars, but my parents have banned me from the computer. I am having to sneak on, you see. However, your ever-intrepid handling setter has updates the In Development section so you know what you can expect, as well as adding a couple more cars for download.

Site Layout (14th July 2003)

I have shortened the navigation links so they should not wrap round any more.

First Vice Setup! (10th July 2003)

The Vice Cars page finally gets its first entry – Sin5k4’s very slick new-shape Impreza. Check the "Modern Sports" category to download it. c{8¬D

Vice Flag Studio (6th July 2003)

I now have Vice City installed once. I will install a second (and possibly more) to begin doing handling for the new cars for Vice City, as well as possibly testing a map or two. I want to play the missions though so that I learn the map and therefore find good places to actually drive the cars!

Vice Handling (6th July 2003)

The Vice page now actually has some stuff on it! I have released my FlagStudio program and a neatened version of the handling.cfg file. c{:-)