June 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Massive Update! (16th June 2003)

Yes, they happen occasionally! I went through and re-worked the header to every page and re-wrote the Tutorials page! Plus, I have now copied the GTA 3 handling area and stripped it out to use as a GTA Vice City handling page. I am currently working on the CSS scheme for it. c{¦¬\

Vice Page Opened (16th June 2003)

As I have now finished the lighting for Illspirit’s GTA 2 multiplayer map, I have decided that I can safely get Vice at the end of this month without worrying about neglecting my commitments to other modders. I have therefore hacked the GTA 3 page apart and re-styled it for Vice!

I am waiting for Delfi to convert my MultiSlayer map from GTA 1 to GTA 2, which I expect will take quite a while.

More Cars! (12th June 2003)

I have decided that the Developments section of the GTA 3 handling area area is getting too big. therefore I have PMed the authors about all the cars in there. DieselGT has allowed the Cheetah Sprint to be released publicly now. I also got responses indicating that none of the cars in there have been forgotten about. Added a new car to the developments section, a 1989 Chevrolette Caprice by bigfoot2003 – and very well made it is too! Just waiting for a few final touches to be made, then it will be available through the "Classics" section. c{8¬P

Curveshire Project (8th June 2003)

Majestik recently resumed working on the map and has made excellent progress with the two intersections and the 'flagship' double-hairpin section. I am hoping that we will be able to release a decent teaser version, but due to the unpredictable nature of the time we can spend this month due to exams do not expect it soon! c{¦¬\

MultiSlayer Project (8th June 2003)

This is my GTA 1 multiplayer map I am making. It will be converted to GTA 2 by Delfi, with the weapons and net game code to be made by Illspirit and probably tweaked by myself. I do not have a page for this project at the moment, but once it is all finished I shall.

Currently the project is very nearly ready to be sent for conversion, perhaps that may even happen today…

Site Still Updating! (8th June 2003)

Yes, erm, although I keep forgetting to add entries to this page, I do still update stuff here! I recently had a quick run through the GTA 3 Tutorials page and found a lot of things I know more about now. I therefore spent nearly two hours updating the first couple of sections to refer to my ImporterPlus program instead of the old Rescaler. Most of the time was spent re-writing from scratch the definitions and ordering of all the GTA 3 handling parameters.

I may add a new section on getting GTA 3 handling setups into Vice, but until I get the game and play it myself that will probably not happen.

Hey, maybe I do forget to update this page but when I do there is always loads of new stuff! c{8¬D