May 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Brilliant New Car (26th May 2003)

Superfly Driver has released that glorious Jagura E-type now! Find it in the GTA 3 Classics area. A special coupe version of this car in the classic british Racing Green racing livery will be made exclusivly for the Curveshire Raceway project I am working on.

Site Updates (26th May 2003)

Yes, I have actually done some updating! Got a very polite e-mail which pointed out a bunch of links that were not working on the GTA 3 handling area, so I have gone through and sorted that out. I have also changed the styles for the links; I noticed that since I re-arranged the CSS file only one style was being used throughout the site. All the pages now have very individual styles! c{8-D

Lots More Cars (4th May 2003)

Been on something of a modding spree the last coupla weeks. Done some simply marvelous cars. Check the Classics Cars for GTA 3 area!

Total Handling Overhaul (4th May 2003)

Yes, I finally decided to do it. I have edited the stats for every car in the whole of GTA 3. If you check the GTA 3 Handling Overhaul area you will find the download link, as well as a load of interesting information about the techniques I used to make it. I will not be working on it any more for quite a while I reckon.