April 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Minor Updates (18th April 2003)

I have added a couple more cars to the handling area, added more e-mail addresses too. Fixed a few rather staring spelling mistakes too…ever driven the “DFI” car before?!

Style Updates (10th April 2003)

After much playing around with the hex values in the CSS, I have come up with some friendly playschool type colour shemes for the areas of the site. GTA 1 and 2 remain the same schemes, but this news page and the GTA 3 Tutorials area have been re-vamped. Some fine tuning may happen, Ctrl+F5 will refresh to any new styles I make. c{B¬.

Curveshire District Project (8th April 2003)

I have always wanted to get involved in the new wave of large-scale GTA 3 modding. Well, a couple of weeks ago that dream came true when, in a conversation with Majestik, we decided to make a huge mountain supercar rally type deal. Oh yeah, you heard right!

The Curveshire project involves the following people at the moment:

We are making this quite publicly in our topic on GTAForums.com with the main designs from me and the occasional in-game screenshot too. I am really excited by the project; I feel confident that I can make my dream a reality with this team. c{8-D

Importer+ v0.2b (8th April 2003)

My vehicle data editing program, ImporterPlus, recently hit a 0.2 beta release. It now includes a working handling exporter. DJNeuphoria (craig) is working on making the handling importer as well. They are compatible with the Cat Stat Editor 3 (stilton) available from GTA 3 Mods on GTANet so you can use that, until the next update. c{¦¬)

Massive Site Update! (8th April 2003)

It actually happened! In an hour of entranced NotePad work I actually overhauled the GTA 3 with all the author e-mail addresses! I also got rid of the separate model and handling links system; there is just a single, neat, combined one now.