March 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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GTA 1 Area Updates (14th March 2003)

Due to the new release of GTA 1, I decided to check the GTA 1 page. Oh dear. I did not realise SO MANY files were not uploaded for it! I have also updated the file with all the reference documents I have ended up making, including odd little lumps of code and such. I have tested Cerbera 2 with the new version of GTA 1 and it works fine. I have now stuck the full download for it onto the site.

Site Updates (12th March 2003)

I am slowly gathering the current e-mail addresses of the vehicle authors. Again, progress will be slow getting all the data on that page that I know needs to be there…pretty much all the files should be on it and working though.

The Good Times Continue (12th March 2003)

I have been working very closely with Eddy Brown using MSN messenger with his Caterham 7. If you are gonna download 1 car to judge my skills by, make it this car!! Not only is the handling nailed like the coffin lid of a war criminal, but the model is so immaculate…even a bobble-hatted smilie does not do it justice! It is in the GTA 3 Handling page, in the Modern Sports section. You lucky lucky gamers!

Further Site Revisions (7th March 2003)

I am not sure how likely these are going to be now. I was going to add e-mail addresses and probably split the GTA 3 handling area into a few pages rather than 1, but time is the enemy.

Honda S2000 Added (7th March 2003)

FormulaRedLine has made a very neat S2000. After using the one in GT2 to work out how it should feel, I think I have made by best EVER handling file for this car.

GTA 1.1 Free Download (7th March 2003)

RockStar Classics have released an updated version of GTA 1 which runs in windows XP and with modern DirectX! Also supports 1024×768 resolution for the first time ever. However, I beg you NOT to download it yet unless you are a modder of the game, because otherwise the GTA 1 modders like me will never be able to get it because you lot are! And it is the mods for GTA 1 that made it so special… c{8¬D

GTA 3 Handling Updates (5th March 2003)

As I have kept saying I will do, I have started adding the detailed info the GTA 3 handling page has needed for a long time. There is now an extra cell in each car’s title saying which it is designed to replace.

Style Revisions (5th March 2003)

I have been thinking over some new styles for this page, but college needs so much coursework over this week. However, the ImporterPlus page shows what the new styles may well look like. I have actually made some subtle revisions to the current styles and the mechanics in the CSS. The GTA 1 table borders show how my playing has had a nice effect. c{:¬)