February 2003 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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Site Updates (28th February 2003)

Long-overdue revisions to the GTA 3 Handling page are now done. I have added the full versions to all the cars I am allowed to now. I have 2 cars in development to add as well…at some point I plan on adding the e-mail addresses for ALL the vehicle authors rather than just a few.

I would also like to point your attention upwards to the navbar…specifically to the right end. The ImporterPlus page is getting updated about once a week with progress on the program. The March 1st release date was a little tight on my part…mid-March is going to be more likely. Main reason for the delay is because we have decided to make the file management code fairly bulletproof before we release it.

Domain Change (9th February 2003)

You may have noticed that the site is at cerbera.daves-hosting now, rather than www.daves-hosting/cerbera which is neat. I had it changed as we have a new file manager now. I like it, but it does mean quite a few images I have posted on the forums are going to be attractive browser placeholders now! c{8¬D

Taking GTA 3 Handling Requests (9th February 2003)

This is to let you all know that I am still very much up for GTA 3 handling. I am part of the Vegas total conversion mod, doing the handling for them. I also have time to set up other people’s cars though!

GTA 1 & GTA 3 Page Updates (3rd February 2003)

I realised that most of the actual files needed to play my maps had not been uploaded; so their up now. The GTA 3 Handling large images are now up, some full downloads would not work as I do not have permission to host them! c{¦¬\