I am a Moderator (25th January 2003)

I have been asked to be a moderator on GTAForums.com which is a position I have gladly accepted! To those that have come here to be convinced of my qualifications; I have gotten this role through being an active modder in the GTA 1 scene for around 5 years, specialising in mission coding. In the new GTA 3 scene I am widely regarded as the most accomplished handling setter, with nearly 30 user-made cars to my credit.

I also have a bit of a reputation of being reasonable and intelligent. I’m 17 and am English which is why I seem more mature than the 14 year olds on the board…I remember sinning back then just as they do now though. Perspective is important to remember when dealing with different age groups, I reckon.

I hope that stops any doubts you had. c{:-)